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Introduction to golf clubs

Like many activities, golf seems easy when you see it practicing. But the beginner golfer quickly discovers its complexity, which is why, from the first steps, it is decisive to choose suitable golf clubs.

Golf Clubs

Before hitting a golf ball, taking a lesson, or playing on a course, it makes sense to become familiar with the clubs. Simply taking it in your hand gives you an idea of what your new tool looks like.

Initially, the sensation is strange, because all the weight is in the head.

How does this work?

The distance to golf differs, depending on the speed of attack of the club head. The faster the club goes when it hits the ball, the shorter the impact with it.
This principle, combined with the angle of aperture and the effect given to the ball, determines the distance of its trajectory.

Golf Clubs

The speed of the ball is given by its initial speed when it is struck by the face of the club head. It is estimated 1.4 times higher than 100mp/h, the speed of the ball will be around 140mp/h.

If golf is considered a touch sport, strength is a significant factor, especially when it comes to the speed of flight of the ball.

By hitting harder, speed increases, but strength is not the only element to play a role.

A lighter rod and head is an advantage, with the same strength developed, the player can increase the speed of the clubhead without increasing his own effort.

A more controlled and less brutal swing also makes it possible to hit the ball with a face that is more perpendicular to the target in order to produce a more accurate throw towards the target direction.

It is necessary to reach a good balance, a swing too slow increases the precision, but reduces the distance a swing too strong increases the distance of the flight but, loses in directional precision. So you have to find the right one !

Women's clubs

Clubs for women are similar to men's because they are made of the same components.

On the other hand, they have neither the same weight, nor the same length, nor the same touch.

Before, women's golf used previously shortened men's clubs.

The clubs became more playable, even if they remained very heavy.

Currently, the women's golf sector is expanding and there are as many clubs for women as for men.

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Equip the juniors

When teaming young players, we must think that their swing, their level of play and their touch will still evolve.

Most of them want to hit the ball as far as possible and swing excessively to create power and compensate for the fact that their wrists and forearms are not yet fully developed.

Teenagers grow up very fast, which makes the personalization of the equipment very difficult.

We must not forget that their swing will evolve.

They tend to hit the ball very high, because they force on their swing and increase the twist of their wrist.

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Budget ?

The price of a complete assortment of clubs, with woods, irons, wedges, and a putter, can go up to several thousand euros. Even if everyone dreams of being able to afford the most beautiful clubs, it is unfortunately not always possible. It is therefore very important to establish a budget and stick to it.

On the golf market, you will find assortments of clubs from 100€ up to well over 1000€.

A driver costs about 30 to 500€. The main cause of excessive spending by golfers is due to the frequent release of novelties, which arouse temptation. New models with a different design are launched every year, and players sometimes let themselves be tempted by a state of the art equipment!

But if you are a beginner, you can also buy a game of 7 clubs for approximately 200€.

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